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The Internet Radio Fairness Act of 2012

Senator Wyden understands that innovation is the key to the growth and evolution of the Internet.  Public policy can foster that innovation by protecting the Net from unfair and discriminatory taxes, outdated or over-broad regulations, and undue legal liability.

Unfortunately, digital services for broadcasting music are one area of innovation on the Internet being stifled.  In 1998, federal laws were enacted that specifically constrained the development of Internet radio as a commercially viable service.  Despite stunting the growth of innovative new business models, the legacy music industry saw a massive decline in record sales.  Artist, consumers and rights holders are increasingly searching for innovative new models to better promote music and fairly compensate creators. 

Senator Wyden is introducing the Internet Radio Fairness Act (S.3609) to remove the regulatory shackles preventing Internet radio from being commercially viable.  He is interested in your ideas on how to expand the music marketplace in ways that promote innovation, music diversity, and better compensation to artists.  Senator Wyden would like to hear from the public about their ideas and obtain feedback on the Internet Radio Fairness Act.

Please submit your ideas, suggestions and feedback below or tweet them using #FairWebRadio.

(Note: Comments will not be edited but those which are off topic, contain profanity, or are otherwise offensive will not be made public.)

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