Reminder! You may be eligible for tax credits for college

Tax Day is one month away! And here's some good news you can use: you might be eligible to claim a tax credit for college - the American Opportunity Tax Credit.

I led the fight for this tax credit to finally be permanent. It's one way to help families and students offset some of the crushing costs of college. And it's worth up to $10,000 over 4 years for each student.

If you are a student or claim your student as a dependent, check and see if you're eligible for the credit here!

It's important that Oregonians know about this tax credit. Please pass this on to family or friends.

More information on this tax credit for college:

One tax credit is not the entire solution to making college affordable. That's why I'm partnering with Sen. Merkley on a bill to lower the costs of higher education. Regardless of zip code or your family's income, all Oregonians should have the opportunity for higher education. I promise to keep fighting.


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