Here you will find reports, public letters, & other legislative resources.

acrobatHatch, Wyden Probe Volkswagen on Federal Tax Credits
acrobat[Draft Bill Text] The Campus Litigation Privacy Act of 2015
acrobatNCSC response to responsibility for OPM hack
acrobatWyden Letter to Director Evanina
acrobatLetter to OSU and ODA on industrial hemp research
acrobatCIA Response to Wyden on Human Rights
acrobatChild Welfare Letter of Support of Family Stability and Kinship Care Act
acrobatThe Family Stability and Kinship Care Act - Bill Text
acrobatWyden, Brown, Warren letter to the VA on Agent Orange
acrobatDOL Findings: Washington River Protection Solutions
acrobatIndependent Oversight Follow-up Assessment of Safety Culture at the Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant
acrobatWyden response to WSJ cybersecurity editorial
acrobatLetter to Dept. of Ed. on FAFSA process
acrobat2015-5-12 Cable Programming
acrobatBioEnergy Act of 2015 One-page Summary