As Tax Day Nears, Give April Back To Oregonians

With just days to go until the April 15 filing deadline for federal income taxes, Ron focused last week at several stops in Oregon on his solutions to improve the tax system and to stop fraudsters from preying on taxpayers.

At the Hollywood Senior Center in Portland and at the Chetco Activity Center in Brookings before his Curry County town hall, Ron met with tax preparers helping seniors file their taxes. He heard from preparers how those seniors are targeted increasingly by scammers.

It seems to me this is an emerging form of organized crime,” Ron said at the Hollywood Senior Center. “I especially worry about seniors falling victim to fake phone calls coming from racketeers who say they are from the IRS.”

Ron also highlighted the need to provide greater simplicity and transparency in an overly complicated tax code, saying during television interviews in Eugene that “Oregonians should get their April back.”

In Eugene, Ron spotlighted how he is working to eliminate tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. “I want to use those tax dollars we then save to reduce rates for small businesses here at home that are creating what I call ‘red, white and blue’ jobs,’’ Ron said.

In Portland, Ron and Rep. Earl Blumenauer announced plans to make federal income taxes  equitable for small marijuana businesses in states like Oregon that have legalized medical marijuana and recreational marijuana use by adults.

Both Oregon lawmakers said those businesses should be able to take the same deductions as any other legal business -- such as for hiring veterans or for rent -- in Oregon and other states where voters have chosen to legalize marijuana use.

Our legislation would provide an overdue update to federal tax law, which has not caught up to the fact that it’s 2015 and Oregonians have voted both to legalize medical marijuana and to regulate marijuana for recreational use,” Ron said. “This is a question of standing up for the people of Oregon, and ensuring that the federal government respects the decision Oregonians have made at the ballot box.”