Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of The Goonies

Ron's statement for the Congressional Record marking the 30th anniversary of "The Goonies" which was filmed in Oregon.

"Mr. President, this Sunday marks the 30th anniversary of the release of the beloved film, "The Goonies.'' With enduring and relatable themes of adventure, adolescence, and friendship, "The Goonies'' has withstood the test of time and firmly established its place in American culture as a cult classic. A large part of what makes this film unique and impactful is its iconic setting along the stunning Oregon coastline. Indeed, so significant is the film's location that thousands of fans from around the world are gathering this week for a four-day festival in Astoria, Oregon--or, "The Goon Docks''--to celebrate the magic that is "The Goonies.'' In fact, Astoria has held a Goonies-based festival every year since the film's release in 1985.

   "The Goonies'' 30th anniversary celebration will include a variety of events around Astoria, as well as Cannon Beach, OR--another Oregon coastal town that served as an idyllic backdrop for the film. Most notably, Cannon Beach's impressive Haystack Rock is featured prominently in the film's opening scene. Fans will be able to relive their favorite Goonies memories by participating in festivities such as tours of the filming locations, treasure hunts, and a group "truffle shuffle.'' Astoria's Oregon Film Museum also invites festival attendees to visit its Goonies gallery, take a mug shot with friends, and even make their own feature film. Needless to say, it is sure to be a weekend of fun, nostalgia, and, in typical Goonie fashion, adventure.

   Just as the original Goonies fans and stars have grown and matured since the film's release in 1985, so has Oregon's film industry. With its magnificent and diverse natural beauty, Oregon has become a much sought after location for film production. As the backdrop for major television shows and box-office hits alike, film production in Oregon brings with it good-paying jobs and tourism that in turn support local businesses and economic development across the State. Certainly all film producers in Oregon and across the country should aspire to achieve the remarkable success of "The Goonies''."