Cleaning Up Hanford

While in Portland this past weekend, Ron held a press conference on the alarming revelations from his most recent Hanford investigation.

Senator Wyden’s investigation revealed an undisclosed Energy Department July 2013 safety report which found that six of the newer, double-shelled nuclear waste storage tanks share construction flaws with a tank that has already begun to leak. The report also indicated that as many as 19 tanks may have elevated levels of risk.

At his press conference, Senator Wyden called on the Department of Energy to stop making excuses and start presenting real solutions to clean-up Hanford. Ron has watchdogged safety issues at Hanford for more than 20 years, pushing for transparency about the full scope of the problems there, and a focus on long-term solutions. 

Ron also held three town halls this past weekend. The first was in Multnomah County kicked off by Madeline and Willow, Girl Scouts and 4th graders from Maplewood Elementary School leading the Pledge of Allegiance.  At his annual Polk County town hall, Ron answered Oregonians’ questions on the farm bill, timber and net neutrality. Ron then met with Yamhill County residents at Chemeketa Community College for his 690th town hall to date.

In addition to hearing from Oregonians at his town halls, Ron met with the Wild Salmon Center, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office River Patrol, and sat down for an interview with KGW Straight Talk.