Oregonians tell Ron how Trumpcare would devastate their health care

Ron heard often over the congressional Fourth of July recess from Oregonians deeply concerned how Trumpcare would devastate them and their loved ones.

At the senator’s Polk County town hall – the first of eight he held throughout the state between July 1-8 – Ron heard Patrice Qualman tell the poignant and powerful story of her 14-year-old son Cody.

Cody’s mom said she is terrified of losing healthcare coverage for her son, who is in a wheelchair because of a rare genetic disorder that has limited his physical and intellectual growth.

Cody’s story is one of the many human faces showing the pain accompanying the cruel facts that Trumpcare would leave hundreds of thousands of Oregonians without healthcare,” said Ron, whose town halls in Polk, Lincoln, Douglas, Linn, Washington, Deschutes, Lane and Yamhill counties increased the number of his 2017 town halls to 54 so far.

We must remember all of those faces in our fight to defeat Trumpcare once and for all,” he said. “This is the fight of our lifetime.”

And Trumpcare’s heartlessness extends to all ages.

During a nursing home visit in Eugene, Ron also heard from older Oregonians fearful that Trumpcare’s proposed cuts to Medicaid would leave two out of every three nursing home residents unable to pay for that lifeline.

Among the nursing home residents Ron spoke with was Norma Foreman. She told the senator that Medicaid is a life-and-death issue for her because it covers nursing home costs she cannot otherwise cover.

Oregonians also made their Trumpcare concerns known over the congressional recess at rallies in Eugene and Portland. Ron spoke at both.

This bill is a bonanza of tax breaks for the fortunate few, masquerading as a health care bill,” Ron said. “It’s time to mobilize, to organize and strategize so we can make American health care better.