Oregonians urge Ron to fight Trump cuts

Ron heard from Oregonians last weekend on the front lines in the Willamette Valley and southern Oregon facing firsthand the president’s threats of cuts to healthcare, housing, childcare, and nutrition.

After those roundtables in Medford and Springfield -- organized with the help of Family Forward Oregon – Ron thanked participants for sharing their compelling stories.

He told them he would use their devastating accounts to fight back hard in Washington, DC against the proposed Trump cuts.

This is a fight I’m all in on, 100 percent,” Ron said. “Simply put, I will fight with all my strength to defeat the president’s callous and cavalier cuts.

The stories he heard at the Family Nurturing Center in Medford and the Relief Nursery in Springfield of how scared so many Oregonians are at the prospect of losing lifesaving assistance, put a face on these statistics detailing the impact of Trump’s budget cuts in Oregon:

  • Affordable housing assistance denied to 2,700 Oregon families putting them at risk of eviction on to the street;

  • Healthcare cuts undermining critical services that help nearly 475,000 Oregonians – pregnant women, infants younger than 1; children and adolescents; and kids with special needs;

  • Nutrition assistance cuts that would threaten the well-being of more than 145,000 Oregon women, infants and children already balancing on an economic tightrope.

In addition to the roundtables in Medford and Springfield, Ron also held town halls last weekend in Josephine, Lane and Washington counties.

Audience members at all three town halls raised concerns again and again about the proposed Trump cuts to social services and the healthcare bill passed last week by the House.

The House healthcare bill would slam Oregon with a tsunami of suffering that would plunge thousands of Oregonians into debt and anguish,” said the senator, who is the ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, which pays for healthcare.

I am going to do everything in my power night and day to derail that House bill,” he said. “That’s what Oregonians are asking me to do.”

To see Ron’s floor speech on Tuesday, go here or watch below.