Ron Celebrates 750th town hall in Fossil

Ron started off the new year with a statewide town hall schedule that included his landmark 750th town hall in Wheeler County, site of his first town meeting as a U.S. senator in 1996.

Returning to Wheeler High School in Fossil on Jan. 5, Wyden recounted his pledge to hold a town hall each year in each of Oregon’s 36 counties to make sure he heard firsthand from Oregonians from every part of the state.

“I said I would come to every county in Oregon every year if I got elected,” Ron said.

The home economics students at Wheeler High School marked the town hall by baking delicious cupcakes and putting them in the shape of a “750.” Fossil was also the location of Ron’s 500th and 600th town halls.

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Remembering his very first town hall, Ron said he contacted then-Wheeler County Judge Jeanne Burch, who also attended last week’s town hall.

“Judge Burch said she would do everything to make it a great trip. Did she ever -- and not just that first trip but year in and year out. Fossil welcomed me with open arms and I am so proud of this great community.”

In addition to the Wheeler County town hall. Ron also held town meetings last week throughout eastern Oregon, the Columbia Gorge, Multnomah and Clackamas County and the Oregon Coast.

He fielded questions that covered his work to make college more affordable, to solicit ideas from high school students that would build on his work to lift graduation rates (click here to submit yours) and to ensure that all of Oregon benefits from economic gains.

“I am so proud to represent the entire state in the true Oregon tradition,” Wyden said, “by throwing open the doors of government so we can get beyond sound bites and have substantive discussions with Oregonians about their ideas to make our state and our country an even better place.”

To see a list of Ron’s past and upcoming town halls, please go here.

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