Ron kicks off his 2018 town hall schedule

Ron kicked off his 2018 schedule of town halls last weekend with community meetings in Lane, Benton, Polk, Clackamas and Yamhill counties.

His first five town halls of the new year are part of Ron’s pledge when first elected to the Senate to hold an annual town hall in each of Oregon’s 36 counties.

“You can’t do this job sitting behind a desk in Washington, DC,” Ron said. “In the tradition of the “Oregon Way” these open-to-all town halls give Oregonians the opportunity to educate me about their ideas and solutions for the challenges facing our country.

“And Oregonians once again rose to the occasion this past weekend with great questions about healthcare, veterans, the DREAMers, Russia investigation, college affordability, net neutrality and Trump administration schemes to drill off the coast and attack legal cannabis,” he said.

These most recent town halls increase to 866 the number of town halls the senator has held throughout Oregon, including 80 in 2017 when Ron earned the Town Hall Project’s MVP award for holding the most town halls of any U.S. senator.

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