What to Know About Wyden Hold on Intelligence Authorization Bill

The Intelligence Authorization Bill for 2013 is still pending in Congress, and the Senate may attempt to take action on the bill before the end of the 112th Congress this year. On November 14, 2012, Senator Wyden placed a public hold on the Intelligence Authorization Act to prevent it from passing without serious debate and amendment. In announcing his hold, Senator Wyden cited serious concerns over several of the bill’s “anti-leak” provisions. These “anti-leak” provisions would inhibit free speech, undermine due process protections for intelligence agency employees, and damage the news media’s ability to report on national security issues.

“I think Congress should be extremely skeptical of any anti-leaks bills that threaten to encroach upon the freedom of the press, or that would reduce access to information that the public has a right to know,” Wyden said in a floor statement publicly announcing his hold. “Without transparent and informed public debate on foreign policy and national security topics, American voters would be ill-equipped to elect the policymakers who make important decisions in these areas." 

Some of the nation’s leading publications agree with Senator Wyden that these provisions would curb transparency in our national security debate:

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