Ron Challenges the Vaping Industry Over E-cig Dangers

With children returning this week to school in Oregon and nationwide, Ron announced his plan to tackle the health hazards those students and Americans of all ages face from e-cigarettes.


At a news conference in Portland with Multnomah County officials, he said he would introduce a bill when the Senate gets back next week that would tax e-cigarettes in a similar fashion as traditional cigarettes.


“Increasing the price of cigarettes has made it far less likely that teenagers would take up smoking,” Ron said at the news conference with County Chair Deborah Kafoury, Commissioner Dr. Sharon Meieran and County Health Department Director Dr. Patricia Charles-Heathers.


“We can’t drop the ball now and allow a new generation of young people to become addicted to these dangerous products, he said, adding that he intends to cut through the vaping industry’s smokescreens just like how he succeeded in doing so against Big Tobacco.

 As the Ranking Member of the Senate Finance Committee, Ron also said he would ensure the recent vaping death in Oregon under investigation by state health officials -- and any others around the country -- get front-and-center attention from the Finance Committee.

That attention as well as the upcoming e-cigarette tax bill builds on Ron’s work this year spotlighting the explosion of foreign vaping imports into the United States and investigating JUUL Labs, Inc.