Ron Listens To The Future Throughout Oregon

In little over a week, Ron recently held five town halls in rural Oregon, helped voter-registration drives on three college campuses in the state and met separately with students at high schools in both central and southern Oregon.

The five town halls in Wasco, Gilliam, Umatilla, Union and Baker counties lifted Ron’s overall number of town halls to 910,  staying true to his commitment to hold annual town halls in each of Oregon’s 36 counties.

These latest town halls marked his second this year in each of those five counties, increasing his total to 49 overall statewide for 2018.

“Throwing open the doors of government and answering any question from anybody is how the Founding Fathers intended American democracy to work,” Ron said. “At a time when there’s so much public interest in all that is happening in Washington, DC, these town halls in every part of Oregon are more important than ever.”

The five latest open-to-all town halls were all in high schools, part of the senator’s ongoing #ListeningToTheFuture effort to engage students in issues.

This past week, he also held separate #ListeningToTheFuture meetings with large groups of students at Phoenix High School in southern Oregon and Mountain View High School in central Oregon.

And Ron also met with college students at the University of Oregon, Oregon State University and Portland Community College conducting voter-registration drives on those three campuses.

“Oregon high school and college students proved again the future is in good hands with their involvement and great questions about climate change, immigration, college costs and more,” he said. “Listening to the future leaves me optimistic that the next generation stands ready to make our state and country an even better place to live and work.”