Ron meets with Oregonians about Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee

Ron met with Oregonians around the state last weekend to hear their grave concerns about Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump’s Supreme Court extremist nominee.

The senator spoke in Portland, Bend and Medford about his steadfast opposition to Kavanaugh, discussing threats posed by Trump’s nominee to the estimated 130 million Americans with pre-existing conditions and to the health and privacy of all women.

At a news conference in Portland with Sen. Maria Cantwell and several representatives of the estimated 1.6 million Oregonians with pre-existing conditions, Ron warned about Trump scheming to use the judiciary to accomplish what he couldn’t through Congress.

“If Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed and the Supreme Court swings to the far right, there will be a whole lot of pain if the ACA is struck down from the bench,” Ron said in Portland at OHSU. “The upcoming debate over this extreme nominee is literally a life-or-death question for millions of Americans.”

With Planned Parenthood officials and advocates in Bend and Medford, Ron said putting Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court would spell a reversal of hard-earned health care gains for women.

“I am not going to sit by and let the Trump administration turn back the clock to the days when government rather than women made the key health decisions for themselves,” he said in Medford.

This past weekend, Ron also held town halls in Portland and Sisters and received a wildfire briefing in Medford, which has been hit hard along with all of Southern Oregon by wildfires and their choking smoke.