Ron on hemp milestone: “This is a sweet day for Oregon agriculture”

Ron helped Portland-based Blue Star Donuts last week to launch a new offering made possible by the recent passage of his Hemp Farming Act.

The senator said at the unveiling of the hemp CBD-infused hazelnut butter flavored donut that this was one among many examples showing how the legalization of hemp marks a significant win for the rural economy in Oregon and nationwide.

“This is a sweet day for Oregon agriculture,” Ron said during the news conference at Blue Star’s Portland headquarters.

Also attending the news conference were U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer, Blue Star Donuts CEO Katie Poppe and Güüd Manufacturing CEO Jack Feldman. Güüd – in rural Sherman County -- grew the hemp that isolated the CBD used in the new donut.

“I’ve long said if you can make it and sell it in Oregon, you should be able to grow it in Oregon,” Ron said. “And today’s roll-out shows clearly how hemp can strengthen the ties between urban and rural Oregon.”

While celebrating the employment and economic gains for hemp untapped by the Hemp Farming Act, Ron said the great news provides just a taste of what can be accomplished with hemp products. More remains to be done, he said.

“For the full-deal meal of hemp’s job potential, federal regulators must update all federal hemp regulations,” he said, noting he is pressing regulators to let consumers and producers take full advantage of the new law by ensuring that food products containing CBD can be sold across state lines. “I will keep fighting to build on the gains we’re celebrating today.”