Ron shares with Oregonians common-sense actions to reduce gun violence

Ron heard from students, parents and teachers at town halls last week throughout Oregon about the urgent need to reduce gun violence in schools and communities nationwide.

In the wake of the most recent school shooting in Florida, the senator said in Medford at the first of his five town halls that he supports multiple common-sense actions that should earn bipartisan agreement.

“This is the time when there can be no more ducking in Washington, DC,” he said. “There must be airtight, loophole-free background checks every time a gun is sold in America.”

In addition to his support for completed background checks, Ron also backs the other following steps to reduce gun violence:
·        Banning “bump stocks”
·        Repealing liability protections for the firearm industry
·        Advocating for federally funded research into gun violence so it’s treated like the public health crisis it is.

And he dismissed as ridiculous the president’s continued advocacy of arming teachers.


" Is the president going to tweet next that ministers should come to church with their robes and Bibles and Glocks?” Ron said at the town hall in Keizer.

In addition to his town halls in Medford, Grants Pass, Keizer, The Dalles and Hood River, Ron also met last week with allies in Salem in the fight to preserve net neutrality and with advocates in Portland working to combat opioid abuse.