Ron starts 2020 with eight town halls throughout Oregon

Ron kicked off the new year with town halls in Clatsop, Columbia, Marion, Lane, Benton, Polk, Washington and Multnomah counties.

His first eight town halls of 2020 featured a broad range of questions from Oregonians, covering tensions with Iran, impeachment, housing, climate change, prescription drug prices and healthcare, election security, college costs, Internet privacy, infrastructure and more.

After the Polk County town hall in Monmouth, a woman implored Ron to remember her son, stationed in Kuwait, when the Senate considers Donald Trump’s actions with Iran and the Middle East.

He told the mom he would always remember her powerful and poignant words. 

And he spoke about his meeting with that mom at subsequent town halls when he stressed the urgency of Congress using the War Powers Act to exercise strong and effective oversight of Trump’s foreign-policy acts.

"This mom is just scared of how Trump’s reckless decisions overseas could harm her son and all Americans,” he said. "I consider it a top priority to get that mom and all Oregonians answers."

These latest eight Oregon town halls are part of Ron’s promise to hold annual open-to-all town halls in each of Oregon’s 36 counties. To date, he has held 964 town halls throughout the state.