Ron thanks veterans across Oregon

Over this past Veterans Day weekend, Ron thanked Oregonians throughout the state who wore our country’s uniform to defend the essential freedoms all Americans enjoy,

One of those key freedoms, he said, is the ability to discuss issues in any setting, including the 955 town halls Ron has held in every one of Oregon’s 36 counties.

“The reason we can have all these town meetings is because of all the people who wear the uniform of the United States,” Ron said.

“When you put on your uniforms, you weren’t assigned different ones based on your political party,” he said, citing his father’s Army service in World War II after fleeing Nazi Germany and emigrating to America. “All of you shared the same uniform — and common purpose. That’s called the American Way, or as we practice it here in our state -- the Oregon Way.”

At veterans events in Lane, Linn and Multnomah counties, Ron also told veterans and their families he will always stand with them to ensure they get all the benefits they have earned with their service.

During the three-day weekend, Ron hiked up Skinner’s Butte in Eugene with veterans and their families, honored veterans in Linn County in that community’s annual banquet; and walked in the Veterans Day parade in northeast Portland.

 This is all about coming together as Americans,” he said at those veterans events around the state. “And as long as I have the honor to represent all of you, I’ll do everything I can to make sure our country never forgets the fundamental contributions of our veterans -- and follows through on our commitment to them.”