September 28, 2010

Bill to Give Cong. Gold Medal to ‘Go For Broke’ Veterans Ready for President’s Signature

Wyden urges ‘Go For Broke’ Veterans and Families to Contact His Office

Washington, D.C. Continuing efforts to recognize and honor World War II veterans for their service and sacrifice, U.S. Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) announced that Nisei veterans from the “Go For Broke” regiment will be awarded the Congressional Gold Medal – the highest civilian honor available in this country – once the President signs a recently passed bill. The legislation cleared the final Congressional hurdle last week, passing the House of Representatives after having been unanimously agreed to in the Senate, and is expected to be signed by the President next week. Wyden is seeking out members of this regiment to receive this honor and urges veterans and their families to contact the office.

“The Nisei veterans who fought in the ‘Go For Broke’ regiment are the most decorated in American history,” Wyden said. “Each medal was earned through courage and bravery and awarding them the Congressional Gold Medal -- the highest civilian honor -- is a fitting tribute to this outstanding regiment and an opportunity to ensure that history remembers these men for their great service.”

The “Go For Broke” regiment -- portions of the 100th/442nd Infantry Regiment -- were Japanese American soldiers who were the most highly decorated unit in the history of the U.S. Armed Forces. The regiment boasts seven Presidential Unit Citations and 21 Congressional Medals of Honor among thousands of other collective and individual medals and citations while serving in France, Italy and Germany. Veterans and their families are urged to contact the Senator’s office at to help staff create a list of those to be honored.