November 03, 2023

DEA Heeds Wyden’s Call for Action on ADHD Drug Shortage

Senator pressed agency to improve drug quota process

Washington, D.C.— U.S. Senator Ron Wyden responded today to the Drug Enforcement Agency’s (DEA) announcement that the agency will make changes to its prescription stimulants quota process to respond to shortages of ADHD drugs and other medications.  

“It is encouraging that ADHD medication manufacturers have committed to the DEA that they will use their allotted quota amounts and increase production,” Wyden said. “It’s clear that part of the reason that Americans are facing these prescription drug shortages, particularly in rural areas in my home state, is that the DEA’s quota system relies on outdated or incomplete data. While I understand there is no silver bullet to fixing the drug shortage, I hope these rule changes will provide much-needed transparency and flexibility to the DEA quota process, which will help more Oregonians and Americans get the medicines they need when they need them. I will continue to watchdog and make sure these changes work as intended, and look for every opportunity to improve this serious crisis hurting families across Oregon and entire United States."

The DEA sets production quotas that limit the manufacturing of certain controlled prescription drugs. Over the past several months Senator Wyden has repeatedly pressed DEA Administrator Anne Milgram and Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Robert Califf to address the role that these quotas have played in the ongoing shortage of Adderall and other prescription stimulants. After the DEA and FDA released a joint statement at his request in August, Wyden urged ADHD drug manufacturers to boost their production or relinquish their excess quota to help address the shortage.