November 30, 2004

Federal Government Owes Oregonians Nearly $710,000 in 2003 Tax Refunds

Wyden, Smith urge 1,155 Oregonians to collect outstanding IRS refund checks

Washington, DC The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) owes nearly $710,000 to more than 1,100 Oregonians whose 2003 tax refund checks were mailed to them but returned to the post office, U.S. Senators Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Gordon Smith (R-Ore.) said today.The refund checks were returned likely due to bad addresses, the Senators said, urging Oregonians to contact the IRS to check on any outstanding refunds. Taxpayers who think that they might be missing a refund check can call the IRS toll-free assistance line at 1-800-829-1040 or visit or for a link to the IRS refund website.Even a few dollars could be a boost to some Oregon families right now, said Wyden. All Oregonians missing their tax refunds should receive what is rightfully theirs.I dont want to see anyone lose out on their refund, Smith said. With bills to pay and the holidays approaching, Im sure families could use every dollar theyre owed.If Oregon taxpayers move or change their address and fail to notify the IRS or the U.S. Postal Service, a check sent to their last known address is returned to the IRS. The IRS currently is holding checks belonging to 1,155 Oregonians. The smallest refund outstanding is $1, while the largest is more than $29,000. Other large outstanding refund checks include one for $17,600 and another for $10,100. The average Oregon refund amount is $613. The refunds can be reissued as soon as the taxpayers correct or update their addresses with the IRS.