February 11, 2003

Statement of Sen. Wyden on the Resolution to Congratulate the University of Portland Women's Soccer Team for Winning the 2002 NCAA Division I National Championship

M. President, I offer this resolution with Senator Smith to congratulate the University of Portland women's soccer team for winning the 2002 NCAA Division I National Championship.This championship team achieved a lot of firsts. The women's soccer team is the first to bring home a national championship in any sport for the University of Portland. As the eighth seed in the NCAA tournament, the University of Portland Pilots was the lowest seeded team to ever win the national title in the women's national championship 21-year history. Sophomore player, Christine Sinclair made a first by setting an NCAA tournament record with 21 points on 10 goald and 1 assist. The Pilots' road to victory included defeating 7 nationally ranked opponents, including the reigning champion, Santa Clara University.I am proud of these young women and their tremendous accomplishment. In this day when Title IX of the Education Amendments is under challenge, we cannot forget that women like those of the University of Portland champion soccer team are direct beneficiaries of Title IX. Title IX has provided girls and women with equal opportunities in Athletics. Before Title IX was enacted in 1972, only one in 17 high school girls played team sports - now that number is one in 2.5. Title IX has helped our nation develop fantastic athletes like the young women I am here to congratulate. We must continue to encourage these athletes, and provide them with our full support. I ask unanimous consent that my statement and the resolution be printed in the record.