July 23, 2003

Statement of U.S. Senator Ron Wydenregarding International Trade Commission determination for Hynix

"The key question before the International Trade Commission today was whether the DRAM industry in the United States has been materially injured or threatened with material injury by Hynix's exports to the United States. Despite the fact that Hynix's exports to the United States actually fell during the overall period investigated, the Commission's vote indicates it believes there was harm."With this finding, today's Commission vote, in effect, imposes the unreasonably high tariff rate set by the U.S. Department of Commerce. This is deeply troubling. Not only does this vote endanger the jobs of more than one thousand Hynix workers in Eugene, it threatens to send a negative ripple effect throughout the economy of Oregon as a whole."When Congressman DeFazio and I testified before the Commission last month, we pointed out that Oregon is already suffering the highest unemployment in the nation, with Lane County well above the national average. We said then that every job that can be retained, and every new job that can be created, takes on greater significance against this bleak economic backdrop. Now, with even higher unemployment since the July hearing, it is unfortunate that the Commission chose to discount this reality in making its decision."Oregon's economic recovery is my top priority, and I will continue to support Hynix's Eugene employees during this difficult time. I will also continue to work with Congressman DeFazio and Senator Smith to find a solution that works for Hynix, and that keeps its employees working."