November 09, 2015

The Supreme Court Hasn’t Stopped the Government From Tracking Your Cellphone Without a Warrant. Time to Pass Wyden’s GPS Act

Washington, D.C. –After the Supreme Court today declined to hear an appeal of a decision allowing the government to access cell phone location data without a warrant, Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., renewed his call to clarify a tangled mess of legal decisions around electronic tracking of Americans’ movements.

“It’s clear the courts won’t resolve this question any time soon, so Congress needs to step up and make sure that Americans’ cell phones aren’t being used as warrantless government GPS trackers,” Wyden said. “My GPS Act with Congressman Chaffetz cuts through the mess of legal opinions and relies on the Fourth Amendment. There shouldn’t be any question: The government needs to get a warrant whenever it wants to track Americans electronically, be it by phone, Stingray, or any other device.”

Learn more about the GPS Act here.