May 02, 2024

Wyden Applauds Haaland for Commitments to Oregon: Implement Legislation in Malheur County as Written, Improve Services at Crater Lake

Video HERE of Wyden exchange with Secretary Haaland at Hearing on President Biden’s Budget

Washington, D.C.Today, at a Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing, Secretary Deb Haaland committed to U.S. Senator Ron Wyden, D-Ore., that if his Malheur Community Empowerment for the Owyhee Act becomes law, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will implement it as enacted.

“Back east people call the Owyhee Oregon’s version of the Grand Canyon. We call it home – and it supports the local economy through ranching, hunting and fishing and other forms of outdoor recreation,” said Wyden. “I’ve worked closely with local ranchers, Tribes and other important stakeholders to write a bill that both protects this treasured landscape and addresses the frustrations folks have felt with how the land is managed. I’m glad to hear when we get our bill across the finish line, BLM will implement it as written.”

In December 2023, the Committee passed  his Malheur Community Empowerment for the Owyhee Act. The bill now awaits full Senate consideration.

At the hearing, Wyden also applauded Secretary Haaland for heeding his calls to make sure services for visitors and staff are improved at Crater Lake. 

“I want to thank you for your efforts to help shorten that distance by being responsive to the local needs of my constituents in Oregon,” Wyden said to Haaland at the hearing on President Biden’s proposed budget for the Interior Department.

The exchange between Wyden and Haaland can be found here.