July 14, 2022

Wyden Calls for Passage of the Freedom to Travel for Health Care Act

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You know something has gone horribly wrong when the Senate is forced to consider a proposal called the Freedom to Travel for Health Care Act

The freedom … to travel … for health care. 

That’s a freedom as basic as it gets. But the fact is, six Republicans on the Supreme Court ripped it out by the roots. 

Now state governments are moving toward criminalizing travel for health care. They’re even moving toward criminalizing helping people travel for health care. 

I’d call it unthinkable, except millions and millions of Americans are thinking about it and feeling terrified every day. 

In Oregon, we’re fortunate to live in a state that protects women’s health and freedoms. Oregon is going to be a sanctuary for people to get whatever health care they need, including an abortion. 

But this fight can’t just be left up to the states. That’s why I’m very happy to stand side-by-side with Senator Murray and Senator Cortez Masto to call for the Senate to pass the Freedom to Travel for Health Care Act. It protects women and doctors by protecting the Constitutional right to interstate travel. 

Colleagues, even three weeks after the ruling that overturned Roe, it is still shocking and appalling to witness so many states sprint toward banning and criminalizing abortion outright. 

Are you a victim of rape or incest? No exceptions. 

Are you a child? You’ll still be forced to birth a child. 

Is your life in danger if you carry your pregnancy to term? Get your affairs in order. 

That’s the world millions and millions of American women are living in, now that the Republicans on the Supreme Court have overturned Roe

More women’s lives are in danger. More American freedoms are disappearing. The Senate must act — now. 

Watch a video of Wyden’s floor remarks here.


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