March 19, 2004

Wyden joins students & educators to celebrate arrival of $56,000 in computer equipment at River Road / El Camino del Rio Elementary School

Senator worked with several Oregon schools throughout the grant process

March 19, 2004

Eugene, OR - U.S. Senator Ron Wyden today joined students and educators at River Road/El Camino del Rio Elementary School in Eugene to celebrate the arrival of more than $55,000 in state-of-the-art computer equipment donated by the Beaumont Foundation of America.

In February 2003, Wyden and Frank Newton, Executive Director of the Beaumont Foundation, encouraged Oregon schools and community organizations to apply for the equipment grants, which are targeted toward underserved schools and community groups. Wyden subsequently worked with several schools to assist them through the grant process.

"Today, just over one year after calling for Oregon schools and community groups to apply for computer grants through the Beaumont Foundation, we're seeing the fruits of our labors," Wyden said. "Although the one million dollars in equipment is an impressive figure, this equipment is about much more than the price tag: it's about working to find new solutions so that every Oregonian has an equal opportunity for a quality education."

Throughout Oregon, the Beaumont Foundation is providing more than $1 million in computer equipment to underserved schools and community groups. The Foundation's core purpose is to grant state-of-the-art, Internet-enabled, wireless computer hardware to Americans—through qualifying non-profits, faith-based and community organizations, libraries and schools—who do not have access to the vast educational benefits of the Internet, and to collaborate with existing successful organizations to provide the technical support to utilize it.

"Success requires hard work by students and teachers," said Newton. "But it is the vision and leadership of Senator Wyden which opened the door."

"The generosity of the Beaumont Foundation and the assistance of Senator Ron Wyden have made an incredible difference in the technological prowess of our children," said Sara Cramer, Principal of River Road/El Camino del Rio. "In tough financial times we struggle to meet basic needs. Luxury items like computers are often far beyond our monetary grasp. All of us at River Road/El Camino del Rio are truly grateful for the computer equipment we received and for the doors it will assist us in opening for our children."

Wyden thanked the Beaumont Foundation for their commitment to bringing technology to the underserved in Oregon, saying, "More than a million dollars in computer equipment grants will make a real, concrete difference for kids and community groups in Oregon. On behalf of the state of Oregon, I would like to thank the Beaumont Foundation for bringing brand-new, state-of-the-art computer equipment to our smallest citizens - the ones who will benefit most in the future from access to technology today."

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