March 05, 2018

Wyden Sends Additional Questions to NRA Regarding Alexander Torshin and Foreign Funding

Follow-Up Questions Come After the NRA Failed To Answer Whether it Receives Foreign Donations

Washington, D.C. –Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., today sent a series of additional questions to the National Rifle Association about whether it receives funding from foreign sources, including Russia.  

The letter follows on questions Sen. Wyden sent on Feb. 2, regarding reported financial ties between the NRA and Russia, which the NRA did not address in a response sent last month. Meanwhile, media reports have indicated close ties between the NRA and Russian oligarch Alexander Torshin.

“I remain concerned about the inability to get clear answers to several questions about the possibility that Russian actors funneled foreign funds into NRA electioneering activity,” Wyden said in the letter. “Clear answers to these questions are a matter of national security, campaign finance law, and American sovereignty.”

Read the full letter here.