April 06, 2007

Wyden Statement on Commerce Panel Vote on FTC Chair Nominee

Washington, DC - In a meeting of the Senate Commerce Committee today, U.S. Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) voted against the nomination of Deborah P. Majoras, President Bush's nominee to head the Federal Trade Commission. Wyden also indicated today that he would maintain his procedural hold blocking a full Senate vote on her appointment to a full five-year term."I am disappointed that the Commerce Committee approved Ms. Majoras' nomination for a full term," said Wyden. "There is still no evidence that she would do anything as FTC Commissioner to actively protect American consumers from unreasonably high gasoline prices. I cannot support another FTC Chair who will continue to do business as usual when it comes to taking on oil companies and the record high gas prices that have been hurting American families."Because Ms. Majoras failed in her confirmation hearing and in private meetings to offer any concrete steps that she would take to help consumers facing high gas prices, Senator Wyden earlier this year placed a "hold" on Majoras' nomination, effectively blocking the Senate from taking up her appointment for approval. On July 30, the Administration made a recess appointment of Majoras, which places her in the post through the end of the year.