June 18, 2009

Wyden Statement on Lane County Decision to Use County Payment Money for Jail Beds

Portland, OR -- Oregon Senator Ron Wyden issued the following statement today following a decision by the Lane County Board of Commissioners to use county payment money for public safety.

"I am thankful to my friends and colleagues on the Lane County commission for voting to use federal county payment funds to keep violent criminals off the streets of Lane County and the rest of the state. Public service can be a thankless task, particularly in lean times that inevitably pit one important set of priorities against another, and I commend the county commission for finding a way to honor their commitments under very difficult circumstances. Not only has today's action made Lane County safer, it will allow Congressman DeFazio and I to tell our colleagues that the second largest recipient of county payments funding in the nation spent their Federal payments exactly how they said it was going to spent. That will help Peter and me to better make the case to continue funding when future budget battles emerge, as they inevitably will."