June 06, 2012

Wyden Statement on the First Tsunami Debris to Reach Oregon

Portland, Or -  Oregon Senator Ron Wyden issued the following statement today on the confirmation by the Japanese Consulate in Portland that the huge dock found on the Oregon Coast is debris from last year’s tsunami.

“The huge dock that washed ashore in Agate Beach is clear evidence that debris from last year’s tsunami in Japan is reaching the Oregon Coast much sooner than anyone predicted. This massive dock, which crossed the Pacific Ocean undetected in 15 months, may be the vanguard of more debris to come. With the strong possibility that more debris could pose a significant threat to shipping lanes and fishing grounds, I encourage the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to redouble its efforts in tracking debris generated by the Japanese earthquake and to work closely with other federal, state and local agencies to inform the public how best to report suspected debris.