June 09, 2009

Wyden "Trigger" Rumors are "False"

U.S. Senator Ron Wyden's Chief of Staff, Josh Kardon, released the following statement today correcting rumors that Senator Wyden supports a public option "trigger."

"There is a rumor making the rounds that Sen. Wyden supports the Snowe proposal for a public option "trigger." That rumor is false. It never happened and he has at no time expressed support for this idea.

"As happens so often both around Congress and across the Internet, false information gets spread and repeated until even well-meaning commentators begin to adopt and repeat the false information as if it were fact. This appears to have happened with former Secretary Reich, and we regret that he fell victim to this rumor.

"Senator Wyden's Healthy Americans Act has for more than two and a half years contained a provision allowing states to pursue their own public option on "Day One." This happens to track the approach recommended by the Oregon Health Fund Board. His legislation would also require the Federal government to establish a public option in any state that lacked a variety of health plan choices equal to what Members of Congress currently receive. Both of these provisions, however, are a far cry from the Snowe proposal.

"With regard to a national public option, Senator Wyden has made clear that he is not wed to the approach he put forward in 2006 and is open to a national public option on Day One -- not requiring the Snowe "trigger" -- if it is accompanied by real reform that is responsibly and sustainably financed."