February 06, 2024

Wyden Urges Senate to Support Judge Amy Baggio’s Nomination

Watch a video of Wyden deliver his remarks here

As prepared for delivery

I come to the floor today to reiterate my strong support for Judge Amy Baggio’s nomination to serve for the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon. 

Judge Baggio has a proven track record as both a jurist and a litigator. She spent a decade as a public defender, and in her career on the bench, she has presided over hundreds of civil and criminal matters and handled 42 trials, half of which were jury trials. 

It’s a testament to Judge Baggio’s fairness and professionalism that during her career as a judge, she has never had any party file a request for a different judge. In addition to being fair, she has consistently demonstrated an ability to make thoughtful decisions that protect communities and their values. 

Judge Baggio’s commitment to give back to her community is evidenced both through her work, and her numerous hours spent volunteering to mentor new lawyers, and help students with reading at an elementary school. 

Judge Baggio’s track record speaks for itself: she is the right choice to serve for the U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon.

It’s clear why Judge Baggio advanced through a bipartisan judicial selection committee to receive this nomination. And it’s clear why she advanced through the Judiciary Committee with bipartisan support.

Her judicial temperament, evenhandedness, compassion, and dedication to the law will serve the District Court of Oregon well. When the Senate votes shortly, I urge my colleagues to vote for her confirmation.