Help with a Federal Agency

Senator Wyden's office will regularly work with individuals, groups, or small businesses to resolve a problem, grievance or questions of eligibility they have with a federal agency. Navigating a sea of federal red tape can be difficult for anyone, especially for someone facing a challenging circumstance. Although we can’t guarantee a particular outcome, my staff and I will do all that we can to make sure your concerns are adequately addressed.

For assistance, please either contact the district office nearest you or fill out our online request form.

Before we assist you though, we must ask that you fill out and sign a Privacy Act Release form. The purpose of the Privacy Act is to protect the rights of citizens by prohibiting the release of personal information about them to unauthorized parties.

Please be sure to choose the relevant Privacy Release form for your particular concern:

We are also restricted in terms of the types of casework we can and cannot perform. Senator Wyden’s office is legally prohibited from helping you with the following matters:

  • Legal Issues: Members of Congress cannot intervene in criminal and civil legal cases because of the separation of the judicial and legislative branches of government.
  • State Issues: Members of Congress have no direct jurisdictional authority to intervene in cases that involve Oregon state agencies.

To determine whether your particular issue relates to a federal agency, you first may want to visit the website of that particular agency. Here are some the agencies that I regularly interact with: