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April 2014

Wyden, Udall on Revelations that Intelligence Agencies Have Exploited Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act 'Loophole'

March 2014

Wyden Statement on Majority Leader’s Letters Regarding CIA’s Unauthorized Access of Intelligence Committee Computer Files
Wyden Statement on CIA Search of Computers Used by Senate Intelligence Committee
Brennan Letter to Wyden Acknowledges that CFAA Applies to the CIA

January 2014

Wyden Statement at Senate Intelligence Committee’s Open Hearing
Wyden Statement on PCLOB Report on Bulk Collection
Udall, Wyden, Heinrich Press White House to Make Common-Sense, Constitutional Reforms to NSA Surveillance, Protect Privacy

December 2013

Wyden Statement on U.S. District Court Ruling on Bulk Collection of Phone Records

November 2013

Udall, Wyden, Heinrich Urge Solicitor General to Set Record Straight on Misrepresentations to U.S. Supreme Court in Clapper v. Amnesty
Udall, Wyden, Heinrich Challenge Effectiveness of Dragnet Surveillance Program in NSA Court Case
Wyden Statement of Support for the USA FREEDOM Act

October 2013

Wyden Statement on Vote in Opposition to Intelligence Committee’s FISA Legislation

September 2013

Wyden Continues to Press Intelligence Officials on Needed Domestic Surveillance Reforms
Surveillance Reform Package Ends Bulk Collection of Phone Records; Creates Constitutional Advocate for Secret Court
Wyden, Udall Statement on Intelligence Officials Lack of Understanding of Bulk Collection Program
Wyden and Udall Statement on the Declassification of FISA Court Opinions on Bulk Collection of Phone Data

August 2013

Wyden Statement on President Obama’s Proposed Reforms to the FISC and PATRIOT ACT
Blumenthal, Wyden, Udall Unveil Major Legislation To Reform FISA Courts

July 2013

Wyden: Declassified Documents Show How Inaccurate Statements Have Misled Congress
Wyden Statement on Voting Present on the Nomination of James Comey to be FBI Director