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May 2015

Wyden Statement on Senate Blocking Extension of Patriot Act Mass Surveillance
Wyden Statement on House Passage of USA Freedom Act
Wyden, Heinrich: Second Circuit Court of Appeals Rules NSA Dragnet Is Illegal – One More Reason to End the Dragnet

April 2015

Wyden Statement on USA Freedom Act of 2015

March 2015

Wyden: Cybersecurity Bill Lacks Privacy Protections, Doesn’t Secure Networks

January 2015

Wyden Statement on Covering up Torture Report and Panetta Review
Wyden Statement on CIA Accountability Board Report on Agency’s Secret Search of U.S. Senate Files

December 2014

Wyden: Senate Report Shows CIA Torture Did Not Work and America Should Never Torture Again
Wyden Introduces Bill To Ban Government-Mandated Backdoors Into Americans’ Cellphones and Computers

October 2014

Wyden: CIA Demand To Black Out Torture Report Details Would Be Unprecedented

August 2014

Wyden: Bring Privacy Protections to the Digital Age

July 2014

Wyden Statement on The Intercept Report on the Surveillance of U.S. Muslims
Wyden, Udall Oppose Cybersecurity Bill Due to Lack of Privacy Protections

June 2014

Wyden Statement on the Release of Justice Department Memo on Using Lethal Force Against Americans
Wyden Congratulates House on Bipartisan Vote to Ban Backdoor Searches
Wyden, Udall, Heinrich Urge President to End Bulk Collection While Congress Works to Pass Real Surveillance Reform
Wyden, Grassley Press for Answers on Continuous Monitoring of Whistleblower and Legislative Branch Communications
Wyden Praises New Whistleblower Protections, Raises Alarm on Limits to Intelligence Professionals’ Free Speech Rights, in Senate Speech
Wyden Statement at Intelligence Committee Hearing: Why Hasn’t The Executive Branch Stopped Vacuuming Up Americans’ Phone Records?

May 2014

Wyden Opposes Watered-Down House USA Freedom Act