Fall 2007 Interns

Senator Wyden's office offers internships for college students, recent college graduates, and others looking to experience life on Capitol Hill. The purpose of the program is to give interns firsthand knowledge of the way in which a Senate office operates on a daily basis, to observe the legislative process at the federal level and to develop research skills related to public policy.

The basic internships program consists of four components:

  1. Day-to-day operations: Responsibilities include assisting full-time staff in responding to various constituent requests, updating computer records and drafting general correspondences.
  2. Observing the legislative process: Responsibilities include assisting full-time staff in preparing briefing summaries, observing floor proceedings and attending meetings related to specific legislation.
  3. Research: Responsibilities include assisting full-time staff in developing detailed responses to constituent concerns and policy questions. The intern will be exposed to a variety of primary and secondary research sources, including the Library of Congress, federal agencies and affiliated organizations.
  4. Individually assigned projects: Interns will often be given the opportunity to assist with a special project. The projects will vary according to the intern's interest and the needs of the office.

Although neither a salary nor expenses can be paid, often students are able to receive college credit for participating in the program.

Individuals interested in applying for an internship in Washington, D.C., should fill out the intern application form via the link below. Please contact the D.C. Intern Coordinator at (202) 224-5244 or if you have any further questions.

Those interested in working in one of the six Oregon offices should fill out the intern application form via the link below. Applications for summer state office internships are accepted beginning in January and the recruitment process will begin in March; however internships are offered year-round and generally match up to academic schedules. Please contact Karen Nootenboom at 503-326-7525 with any further questions.