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  • Honoring Frank Moore

    Frank Moore is an Oregon icon, World War II veteran, avid fly fisherman and tireless advocate for preserving the wilderness and beauty of the North Umpqua River. 

    On Memorial Day, Ron had the honor of visiting with Frank who fought both at Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge. Frank was awarded the Chevalier of the French Legion of Honor for his bravery.

    During the visit on the banks of the North Umpqua, Ron presented Frank with a copy of the bill that would designate more than 100,000 acres of public lands in Oregon as the “Frank Moore Wild Steelhead Sanctuary.”

    Frank isn't just a world-class fly fisherman. When he was the proprietor of the Steamboat Inn along the North Umpqua River for almost 20 years, Frank shared Oregon’s beauty with visitors. And he has long played an immense role in conservation and habitat preservation of the river. It would be a fitting tribute to have the area he loves and works to preserve named after such an extraordinary Oregonian. Ron, along with Sen. Jeff Merkley, introduced the bill this May and are pulling out all the stops to ensure its passage this Congress.

  • Honoring America’s Heroes

    Oregonians paid tribute to our veterans in many different ways and Senator Wyden was honored to be a part of several of them.

    At the Portland VA Medical Center, Senator Wyden and other Oregonians gathered to visit with veterans and thank them for their service. For Reynolds High School’s 3rd annual Living History Day, Senator Wyden, students, and community members gathered to honor over 400 veterans and hear their stories of service.

    In Portland, Senator Wyden helped serve at the Portland City Bible Church Veterans Day breakfast and also chronicled the stories of Oregon veterans by interviewing Iraq War veteran Coleman LaFazio for NPR’s StoryCorps.  Senator Wyden then headed to Forest Grove for the Elks Lodge day room dedication and met with WWII veteran Lt. Col. Dewitt.

    In a unique moment, Senator Wyden -with the help of Mrs. Royse- surprised World War II Navy veteran Dick Royse with six military honors that were long overdue. Afterwards, he headed to Albany’s American Legion’s Veteran of the Year Banquet where he presented veteran Harlan Neal and his wife, Inez, with a flag that had flown over the U.S. Capitol to commemorate Mr. Neal’s service.

    On Veterans Day, Senator Wyden, paid his respects to the fallen at the Linn County Veterans Day Memorial Service with Major General Hokanson and visited with the Albany Eagles at their annual Biscuits and Gravy Veterans breakfast. One of the highlights of the weekend was marching in the Albany Veterans Day parade- it was fantastic to see so many Oregonians attend and show their support for those who sacrifice for our freedom.

    “America’s veterans represent the best of America and I am deeply grateful for their service,” said Senator Wyden. “It’s important to honor them, not just on Veterans Day, but every day through our actions and public service.”

  • Wyden Amendment to NDAA Forces Pentagon to Disclose Contractor Indemnification Agreements

    On December 4, 2012 the U.S. Senate passed the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012. Included in the NDAA is an amendment written by Wyden which requires the Pentagon to disclose and justify to Congress any contracts that contain indemnification clauses that hold military contractors harmless of acts of negligence.

    Last month, a jury ordered defense contractor Kellogg, Brown and Root (KBR) to pay $85 million in damages to troops negligently exposed to toxic levels of sodium dichromate in Iraq. Under a previously-classified indemnity clause in their contract KBR was allowed to sue the Federal government to recoup those damages and pay their court costs. Wyden’s amendment ensures that Congress is not left in the dark about clauses that leave the taxpayer holding the bill for a contractor’s wrongdoing. 

    “What KBR received -- and Oregon soldiers and the American taxpayers may be stuck paying for -- is a get out of jail free card that no one outside of the Pentagon had any say in giving them,” Wyden said.