June 16, 2009

Wyden Asks BLM to Put Brakes on $10,000 in Fees for 2009 Cycle Oregon

Portland, OR - Oregon Senator Ron Wyden is asking the Bureau of Land Management to waive or significantly reduce $10,000 in fees it plans to charge 2009 Cycle Oregon for the use of BLM roads and a campground.

"Since the ride will use only about 35 miles of BLM-constructed roadway and one campground lunch stop, I believe your decision deserves an immediate review," Wyden wrote in a letter to Ed Shepherd, state BLM director. "Hopefully it will result in waiving the fee altogether or significantly reducing it."

The first Cycle Oregon was held in 1988. This year's event, with its 2,000 riders, will start and end the seven-day ride in Medford and wind through Southern Oregon and Northern California

"Cycle Oregon not only enhances Oregon tourism, it gives riders who may not be familiar with rural Oregon an opportunity to become acquainted with local residents and learn about their communities," Wyden said. "The benefits of this learning experience and its proven success in promoting the enjoyment and appreciation of rural Oregon in an environmentally benign way far outweigh the benefits BLM receives from collecting a fee."