August 05, 2015

Wyden: Senate Punts Flawed Surveillance Bill

Legislation Did Little to Protect Against Hackers, Created New Threats to Individuals’ Privacy

Washington, D.C. – Senator Ron Wyden, D-Ore., today praised news the Senate will indefinitely delay a vote on CISA, a bill that would have created new threats to Americans’ privacy, while doing little if anything to protect their digital security.

“Once again, those who value Americans’ privacy more than political expediency have made sure this harmful, misguided bill won’t sail through the Senate without meaningful debate,” Wyden said. “The Republican leadership’s decision to put off a vote on CISA indefinitely gives us more time to mobilize against this cyber-surveillance bill and to persuade Congress to take up legislation that will actually improve Americans’ security, while also protecting their privacy.”

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