August 08, 2023

Wyden To Hold Two Town Halls Next Week in Tigard, Hood River

Open-to-all town hall in Washington County on Aug. 16, Town hall in Hood River County on Aug. 20 will focus on Spanish speakers

Portland –  U.S. Senator Ron Wyden today announced he will have two in-person town halls next week in Washington and Hood River counties.

Wyden has already held 34 town halls so far throughout Oregon in 2023– including previous town halls this year in both Washington and Hood River counties. Heading into next week’s town halls, Wyden has held 1,061 town halls overall statewide in fulfillment of his pledge to hold at least one town hall each year in each of Oregon’s 36 counties. 

Both of next week’s town halls are open-to-all, though the Hood River County will be focused on Spanish speakers with translation provided.

The schedule for the upcoming town halls is as follows:

·       Washington County, 4:30 pm, Wednesday, Aug. 16, Broadway Rose Theatre Company, 12850 SW Grant Ave, Tigard

·       Hood River County, 2 pm, Sunday, Aug. 20, Hood River Valley High School, 1220 Indian Creek Rd, Hood River

“Shortening the distance between Oregon and Washington, DC is essential to representing our entire state, and why I hold open-to-all town halls each year in each of Oregon’s 36 counties,” Wyden said. “These upcoming town halls are essential to the “Oregon Way” – an approach unique to our state and one that shows all of America how democracy works by providing people the opportunity to ask questions, voice opinions and suggest solutions to challenges their communities face.”