acrobatTravel Oregon letter
acrobat08022018 RW Letter to DHS re DMARC Follow Up
acrobat08022018 RW Letter to NSA IG re Unauthorized Collection by NSA
acrobat07312018 GAO Facial Recognition Request
acrobatStewardship letter
acrobat07252018 Wyden Flash Letter to NIST / NSA
acrobat07202018 DOD Web Services Best Practices
acrobatDoctors Congressional Disclosure SWC
acrobatWyden-Rubio Letter to Amazon/Alphabet Concerning the Domain Fronting Ban
acrobatSBA letter
acrobatWyden Letter to NIST on VPNs
acrobatMatch Response to Senator Wyden's Valentine's Letter
acrobatWyden Letter to FCC on Stingray Testing
acrobatLetter to Sessions and Nielsen
acrobatAT&T Letter to Senator Wyden June 15
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