acrobatLetter From the U.S. Department of Labor on the Process involved in granting H-2B Temporary Labor Certifications
acrobatLetter to President Obama Urging Executive Order to Ensure U.S. Workers Have the Opportunity to Apply for Job Openings Before H2B Visa Workers Are Used
acrobatLetter to Fiscal Commission Calling for the Review of Department of Defense Spending
acrobatLetter to President Obama Urging Support for Section 301 Petition Identifying China's Unfair Trade Practices Involving Green Goods
acrobatLetter to President Obama Urging Support for Section 301 Petition
acrobatSenators Write EPA Administrator to Express Boiler MACT Concerns
acrobatLetter to USDA Regard ARRA Contracts Awarded to Companies Utilizing H-2B Visa Workers
acrobatLetter to USTR on the Need for Greater Transparency in ACTA Negotiations
acrobatLetter to President Obama on Chinese Paper Industry Subsidies
wordLetter to the U.S. Forest Service on the Use of ARRA Funds to Hire H2-B Visa Workers
acrobatLetter to Senator Leahy on Potential Conflicts of Interest Among Judges Hearing Deepwater Horizon Cases
acrobatLetter to President Obama on Including Long-term County Payments Reauthorization in Budget Request to Congress
acrobatLetter to Portland VAMC Outlining Problems With Patient Billing and Reimbursement
acrobatLetter to CMS Administrator on Independence at Home Implementation
acrobatLetter to Transocean on Plans to Issue a Dividend Despite Unresolved Deepwater Horizon Spill
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