acrobatLetter to Senator Leahy on Potential Conflicts of Interest Among Judges Hearing Deepwater Horizon Cases
acrobatLetter to President Obama on Including Long-term County Payments Reauthorization in Budget Request to Congress
acrobatLetter to Portland VAMC Outlining Problems With Patient Billing and Reimbursement
acrobatLetter to CMS Administrator on Independence at Home Implementation
acrobatLetter to Transocean on Plans to Issue a Dividend Despite Unresolved Deepwater Horizon Spill
acrobatLetter to Interior Secretary on Delayed Release of PILT Funds
acrobatLetter to Business Roundtable Urging Early Adoption of Rules Allowing Adult Children to Remain on Parents Insurance
acrobatLetter to Attorney General Holder Asking for an Investigation into Transocean's Intention to Issue a Dividend Despite Unresolved Oil Spill
acrobatLetter to GAO Requesting Investigation into Army Mobilization and Demobilization Sites
acrobatArmy Response to Wyden Concerns About Joint Bade Lewis-McChord Treatment of National Guard
acrobatLetter to DOGIG Requesting INvestigation into Treatment of Guard and Reserve Soldiers at all Warrior Transition Units
acrobatLetter to Secretary McHugh on Joint Base Lewis-McChord Mistreatment of Returning National Guardsmen
acrobatLetter to DOJ Requesting OLC Opinion Interpreting FBI Authority to Obtain Phone Records
acrobatLetter to President Obama Urging the Development of an Export Trade Strategy
acrobatLetter to USTR Expressing Concerns About ACTA Negotiations
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